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Friday, August 28, 2009


Our dossier is now in The Philippines and in the hands of our ICAB (intercountry adoption board) social worker(Thank you, Christian Adoption Services). Ezequiel is still "on hold" for our family. I have mailed in our i-800a (US government form intended to declare an orphan as a relative) and the LARGE payment that goes with that (Thank you, Friends of Ezequiel) and now, we do what all adoptive parents do best . . . . . wait.
I am not a good "waiter". I feel I must DO something to speed things along. I have prepared a room for Zeke, washed and stored clothing and even bought a few sippy cups.
What now? I am trying hard to keep my mind and heart focused on the "here and now".
It's so hard to do when I feel like a part of our family is an ocean (or two) away.


  1. So exciting to hear how close you are and we'll be praying for your family during this difficult time of waiting!

  2. Hooray! One step closer to getting that precious boy!

  3. I am often in awe of you Nikki, but how on earth did you manage to get your entire dossier ready in one week?!!! It took me MONTHS. Praying ICAB will respond QUICKLY.