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Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm typing from a beautiful beachfront hotel. (A Christmas gift from my parents to our whole family - thanks Mom and Dad!). It's cool and foggy outside and the sound of the waves drowns out the sounds of my younger boys playing with legos on the floor behind me. As I went down to breakfast this morning and as I walked into the lobby, the first family I saw was comprised of two parents and three children. The youngest child, about 10 years old has Down Syndrome. My first instinct was to walk up to their table and meet them, to tell them all about our plans to adopt Ezequiel and ask them for any words of wisdom they might offer. I did not. I realize every family reacts to their special needs children differently and was just too intimidated to approach this family. I tried to watch this family without appearing to stare. Their sweet DS child drank his juice and ate his meal with great care. He neither spilled nor yelled out. He was mannerly and tidy. His family talked happily and made plans for their day. I was filled with a great pride that I, too, will soon be among the ranks of those raising such a child!
As I look back over this adoption process, I see how God has been weaving together every detail from the unpleasant delays to the "chance" meeting of a young girl who lives just one town over from mine and yet spent her previous summer doing missions at Ezequiel's orphanage. I know God is not finished with the lessons and "coincidences" that Ezequiel's life will bring into ours. From his early life as an unwanted pregnancy and his journey to an orphanage that deemed him worth saving, Ezequiel has a testimony. I can not wait until that testimony includes his ultimate arrival at his forever family and the healing that God has already begun for him coming to fruition.


  1. Beautiful post!!

    And I am jealous that you are that the beach! ;)

  2. Hey, that's me :) I feel special. I'm excited for you as you're getting ready to fly over! Almost there, almost there :)