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Friday, March 19, 2010

Never The Same

Ezekiel (or Z-kel and we call him) has been home for just under two weeks. I still can not believe he's here sometimes. All the prayers, tears, joys and hope have come to fruition in this one little man! We all love him immensely! We sit around as a family and just laugh at his dancing. We cringe when he pulls two great handfuls of fur from the dogs' back and sigh with relief when she just lets him do it! (the dogs have learned to exit the room when he comes in - ha ha). We all crowd into our small hall bathroom to watch him splash in his bath and put his face under and blow bubbles in the water. He has brought joy to us that I wasn't even aware we needed!
Today we head to the Duke University Pediatric Cardiology unit for his first heart consultation. I have begged the Lord to close that tiny hole in his heart and heal him fully but I know God does as He pleases. His ways are NOT my ways and if He has chosen not to heal, we will treat medically. I have always said that I am not one bit afraid of the Down Syndrome in my son but I am petrified of the heart condition that came with it. If you happen to be reading this today, a prayer for my baby's heart would be a gift.


  1. Praying!
    (You are in good hands at Duke:))

  2. What a little treasure he is. I'm also wondering how Nadia is going to do with our dog. :)

    I just prayed for your peace and of course for Ezekiel's heart condition to be healed!
    Let us know how it goes today.


  3. I will pray for you and Ezekiel. I smiled when I read this post.

  4. praying ard :) I am so trilled for te joy e as brougt you :)

    Praying Jeremiah home Quickly