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Monday, October 18, 2010

We're Rolling . . .

I am thrilled to report that we are getting to the end of the paperwork mountain and getting closer to having our file in The Philippines for official matching with Francis!!
We have been blessed with more financial contributions than the "chip in" button indicates as some friends have given us checks. We debated adding them to the chip in account but since it's paypal and has small fees associated with it, we felt it would be the best stewardship to keep them separate. I will keep a running tab on the blog page somewhere to indicate our progress but, for now, let me say "THANK YOU" to:
P = $100
P = $50
R/K = $300
M = $300

As the adoption process goes full steam ahead, your prayers are more important to us now than ever! It is not without fear that we open our home to this older child.
We've read the "horror stories" of older child adoptions gone wrong. We've struggled with one of our own adopted children and his issues. We know it's going to be a faith walk and we are just human. Praise God, who gives wisdom to all who ask for it. That's our prayer right now - that God would give us supernatural wisdom to
walk in His will and be His hands and feet.
Please pray for the two grant applications we have sent off this week and for two fund raisers in the works that will be orchestrated by precious sisters in Christ.
We never fail to feel so very "loved on" during the adoption process! From the wonderful notes and emails to the folks who offer to help in practical ways, we see
the body of Christ doing what it does best - serving one another. It's the type of service we know is not done for any return. Where else on Earth can you find that kind of love? Only in the family of God!

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  1. Great update! I can't believe how 'quickly' this seems to be going. I'm excited for you guys!