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Thursday, December 2, 2010


"I never knew how much I wanted a baby with Down Syndrome until I adopted one."

Yesterday we received our finalization papers for Ezekiel's adoption in the mail!
A weight has been lifted that I didn't even realize I was carrying. The finalization paper is an official court document embossed with a couple of seals and containing lots of "legalese". I am no lawyer - not even a paralegal - but I can read and understand the words "adopted FOR LIFE" easily!!!! In the eyes of the court system, Ezekiel is what I already knew he was - mine forever. My mind goes back to just nine months ago when I sat in front of my computer screen pining away for the beautiful little boy in the picture. I wanted to feel his warmth, hear his voice and tuck him in... I wondered if it would ever happen. I believed God was showing me that it WOULD but I worried that I was projecting what I wanted and not clearly hearing God's voice (not audibly, of course). I sinned with my worry. I worried the money would not come in on time. I worried the plane would crash. I worried Ezekiel would reject us. I worried his heart disease would take him before we got to hold him. Even in my faithlessness, God was faithful. He always is. He always will be. I belong to Him and He is my precious Daddy. I am "adopted for LIFE."


  1. So happy for you! And I feel the same way about our little one with DS. She is such a joy and I really don't know how we survived without her!

  2. Nikki,
    So glad he is yours to hold and love on for life! What a beautiful blessing!

  3. Congratulations Nikki. I'm still in the middle of a bunch of red tape with NC and this re-adoption because of my married individual status in adopting Nadia. ugh! Can't wait for that FINAL document as well!

  4. Yeah!!! So excited to hear this!! You are a blessing and encouragement to me from the LORD!