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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Logical Nonsense

This morning, God woke me up at 4am and I was overwhelmed with the urge to pray. I prayed for my children, for Francis and our adoption efforts and, of course, for Davids in Latvia. I awoke to the WONDERFUL news that Davids has a family!!! The family is already in the process of adopting another child from Davids' country and country rules allow for simultaneous adoptions.  The family is experienced in adoption and have some background in Davids' country.  It sounds perfect! The only drawback is that this family is saddled with paying for two adoptions at the same time.  As a family who has adopted twice only one year apart, we know the challenges that presents but two at ONCE????? WOW!  I was excited to discover that Project Hopeful is managing an account for Davids' adoption  and donating is easy.  I shared this news with my husband this morning as he has been praying for Davids with me.  My husband said, without hesitation, "Let's donate". 
My first reaction was to say "uh . . .have you forgotten we're bringing home our OWN about-to-age-out teen from overseas" but that is NOT what I said.  I was immediately overcome with love for this man that God has given me with his heart for the fatherless and his bent toward serving others.  I know it sounds completely illogical to donate to another family's adoption when we ourselves are working double time to pay for our own!
My husband reminded me that he has just completed a large photography job and the proceeds from that job were not earmarked yet. He wanted to give from his own overtime to this young man's adoptive family.
Just this last Sunday, our pastor at Potter's Hand preached an amazing message on "Radical Hope". In that message, he talked about God's economy being completely opposite of man's economy.  Man says "if you're feeling burned out, take some 'me' time" while God's economy says "if you're feeling burned out, find someone who needs to be served and serve."  Man's economy says "hoard your wealth, take care of #1 and give only out of your surplus" while God's economy says "the widow who gave two pennies gave more than all the wealthy because she gave out of her NEED." 
You can hear the complete sermon (it's from 1/9) athttp://podcast.theundilutedtruth.com/
So we gave.  Not from any donations we have received from others but from my husband's extra photography business income that yes, could have gone to our own adoption but the need for Davids is NOW.  Francis has just a little more time.
If you are feeling led to give to Davids' adoption fund, go to www.projecthopeful.org and click on their
I am eager to see how God will map out all of these adoptions, all of the giving and the receiving.
There is NO LIMIT to His resources and, in that, we rest wholeheartedly!


  1. How very true. How often do we short change God's economy through our ow shortsideness and/or fear?

  2. We donated yesterday to Project Hopeful on behalf of Davids' adoption. We are so excited to see how God is working! We know he will be faithful providing for your adoption expenses and ours, too!!! BTW, we LOVE our new social worker--and our homestudy update interview went great yesterday!!!!

  3. Wow...god is good! thanks for the reminder of His Greatness!

  4. Just came across your blog from Moms Relate. I'm in process to adopt a little girl from Hong Kong who will most likely have Down Syndrome. AND, I was Davids' host family over the summer and advocated like crazy for him to get a family! It's still mind boggling the amazing way God worked through other blogs and FB to connect a world of people to pray and donate for him! Thank you!