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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Large Inheritance

"The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup. You hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. Indeed! I have a beautiful inheritance!"  Psalm 16: 5-7

As I read these verses during my time in God's word this morning, they almost passed me by unnoticed! We live in a culture that does not dwell on either family lineage or inheritance. I suppose part of the reason for that is most of us don't come from wealthy families. Our parents have nice lives and, in their passing, we may get a check that allows us to help our favorite charity or take a vacation but few of us will receive life-changing, hire-me-a-security-guard-and-a-financial-adviser type windfalls.   In Psalm 16, David is referencing a much more eternal inheritance, one that promises value both in this life and for all eternity - a life orchestrated by an all-knowing and sovereign Father!    Now THIS is an inheritance I can truly appreciate!  I often feel like David that the "lines have fallen in pleasant places" for me.  God has given me a portion in life that is beautiful, restful and peaceable.  I have so much to learn about God's will but I do know that being a mom, serving my family, adopting our children, homeschooling and serving those He puts in my path are the charges He has laid before me. All of those tasks are to be undertaken with the ultimate goal of sharing the gospel in sight.  When I do those things with the right heart, I truly see the "beautiful inheritance" that awaits. There is something so calming and yet motivating about obedience.  On the other hand, when I begin to grumble about the hard work my life presents or when I begin to doubt the calling He has placed on me, I no longer feel like an "heir of God" (Rom. 8:17).  I feel like that greedy cousin who was not written into the will and walks away gypped.  Don't let the enemy steal the joy of your inheritance today.  Walk in the full knowledge that if you know Christ, the "lines have fallen in pleasant places" for you as well.
YOUR inheritance is beautiful.  Now THAT'S something worth passing down!!!!!

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