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Friday, March 25, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request

Many of you may have heard about the desperate situation of a beautiful little boy with Down Syndrome who lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Kiril is his name and he has a family. Kiril is being lovingly pursued for adoption by the Davis family. This family prayed, raised funds and traveled to Eastern Europe. They spent time with this amazing little wonder and fell more in love than they already were, only to be told by the judge presiding over the case that Kiril would be better suited to an institution than to a family!! Kiril is cheerful and bright. His eyes sparkle and he is, of course, gorgeous!  His mother tells the story best in the blog below:

Kiril's parents know what all adoptive parents know . . . something I have not only experienced but blogged about in the past. An adopted child becomes "ours" the minute we see that photo and make that decision to pursue them.  Kiril IS their child.  They have loved him long before they held him. I am beseeching my readers to pray for this family, pray that the judge who will hear their appeal has a change of heart. It will be the same judge who initially denied the family.  Pray that God would lead this judge into an understanding that Kiril is WANTED - not for any nefarious purposes but he is being sought after by a family who desires to parent him and raise him to reach his full potential.  In many Eastern European countries, authorities can not fathom that any family would seek out and pay ridiculous sums of money for the adoption of a disabled child. In the minds of these authorities, people who seek these children must have ulterior motives.  Rumors from child slave labor to organ harvesting keep these countries abuzz and cause each adoptive family to tremble on court day.

 Please pray!

God is bigger than any hurdle in this adoption case!

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