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Friday, April 22, 2011


As "Good Friday" begins, I feel a somberness in my heart that always accompanies pondering the crucifixion of Jesus.  For Believers at the time of Christ, today represents the darkest of days. The death of their Hope, the darkening of the sky, the tearing of the veil between the common Jew and the Holy of Holies . The intentional distancing of themselves from their Master in order to "save their own skins". . . human weakness magnified as it appeared the enemy was victorious. . .   We know now what they could not be sure of back then - that Jesus was going to conquer death and live again - in the flesh, in just three short days.  Can you imagine the confusion and pain of those three days for the disciples? They heard many claims and promises from Jesus while He walked with them but the facts as they stood were that Jesus was dead, there was a huge stone and armed guards at His tomb and it appeared to be  turning out "wrong".  Maybe some held the faith. Maybe some encouraged others by saying "just hold on . . . this can't be the end . . . He's going to do something amazing, just wait and see . . . "   but this sort of exchange is not recorded in God's word.   His followers scattered, his disciples gathered together  to mourn, to commiserate and most likely to keep a low profile for safety's sake.
If only they knew what was to come . . . how different those three days would have been!  Maybe they would have gone boldly into the streets saying "just you wait and see . . . He's coming back and nobody can stop Him"!
Maybe they would have gathered together at someone's home to eat, celebrate and have a party to thank God in ADVANCE for what He was about to do. 
You and I are on THIS SIDE of the cross, dear friends!  We can do all that celebrating and more because we have the benefit of knowing with complete confidence that what God says, He does!

"O death, where is your victory?O death, where is your sting?" I Cor. 15:55

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