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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pray For Our Leaders

Most of you know that our president and congress are in heated discussion right now regarding our federal budget. You have probably also heard that the federal government may "shut down" if a satisfactory budget is not agreed upon today.  Please join me in praying for wisdom for our leaders!  A government shut down, even a short one, can have far reaching consequences.  Many military families live paycheck to paycheck. Imagine even a one-week delay in receiving that much-anticipated check!
In our own little sphere, a government shut down could hit us right in the heart - our immigration paperwork for Francis' adoption is awaiting approval.  He is rapidly approaching 16 years old . . . I refuse to say more and give life to the fears I have but I am asking anyone who reads this post to pray for NO SHUTDOWN!

My prayer goes something like this:
You know every detail of what is going on in our government. Please give supernatural wisdom to all the decision-makers in Washington and help them to reach a compromise that honors You.  I pray that each and every military family would be cared for from your hand. Protect them and provide for them as they serve.
Father, You know my heart is full of fear right now regarding the possible slow down in our adoption paperwork if  a shut down occurs. Help me to trust You fully and to never forget that not even a sparrow falls to the ground apart from Your notice ( Matt. 10:29).  You have this all in Your hand.  Be glorifed in it, I pray.

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  1. Praying! It's hard for me to believe that they are really considering this! It just seems unreal. Praying for our leaders and our nation. And praying the shutdown does not happen so military families will not suffer and adoptions will be not delayed. These precious children have waited so long for a family, they don't need to wait any longer!