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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm going to take a short walk down a bunny trail and share a little obnoxious Mama pride!  Two of my teens were in the Phantom of the Opera this previous weekend and I was SO SO PROUD of them!  This particular version of Phantom is one written specifically for Christian actors. The focus of this Phantom is sharing the gospel with the audience through theater.  My children were in the chorus, dance numbers and a "fight scene". They, and the entire cast, blessed me to no end.  The music, costumes, sets and talent just blew me away but the
message of Christ's  undaunted pursuit of our hearts and our holiness truly moved me.
Christian Youth Theater . . . . YOU ROCK!!!!!
                                        The Whole Cast (Above) / Phantom and Madame Giry (Below)
                                              My daughter cutting a throat (Below)
                                                My oldest son at the masquerade (below)
                                                My oldest on in a fight scene (below/far right)
                                        My oldest son and his "wife"
                                              My oldest son and his "wife" again (far left)
                                            My daughter at the masquerade
My Daughter (left) and her BFF


  1. How nice to have talented thespians in the family! Brag on Mama!

    I like the new picture of Francis on your sidebar too!

  2. Wow!! This looks like it was great! I would love to have seen it. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!! And your son SO HANDSOME!!!

  3. I LOVE the Phantom!!! Wish I could've seen this version!!! How fun!