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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is the Day

As I type this post, it is 10pm in the US and 10 am in Manila, at the US Embassy where our new son is having his visa interview!!!!!!!    I have prayed off and on for hours for his safe travel to Manila, a smooth interview, a quick process and a SUPER fast printing of the visa.   Just when I think I've prayed over every angle of this day, I think of  something else I should pray about in regard to this day.  What do people do who don't know the Lord? Do they just worry endlessly?  Do they busy themselves with mundane tasks and push the thoughts of what is happening out of their minds?  Do they feel so much stress that they can't function? I am so grateful that I don't know the answer to those questions because I DO know Him and I know that He has this day firmly in the palm of His hand.   He's my daddy and he's doing what he does best - handling the details of  life!   It's days like this that I am extra glad that I am His and He is mine!   

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