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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adopting Again?????

I realize the title of this blog post may have caused a couple of friends and family members to "freak out" for a split second. Let me assure you all that we have not, at this point, felt God leading us to adopt again!  I titled this post as I did because several people have asked me this very question "do you think you'll adopt again?".  Now, let me explain something.  Asking adoptive parents this question within mere weeks of placement is like asking someone with a brand new infant if they plan to have more babies!  I don't draw this parallel because of any negative experiences, I draw it because at this stage of the adoption, I can not think more than a week ahead.
We have to navigate homeschooling, work on setting some boundaries and just get to know each other better.
I remember saying "I think we might be done" after each child came into our family and then, not being "done" because the Lord said we weren't.   We are a family that embraces the "quiver full" ideology.  We believe children are a gift from the Lord and we are not in a position to ask him to STOP blessing us.  No, we don't use birth control. We just don't have more than two biological children.  God has called us to adoption and, in doing so, it seems He has divinely "closed the factory".  That is more than fine with me.   He is God and He does what is best.    That being said, when I think about the paperwork, the money and  my heart . . . . goodness . . . I don't know if my spirit can go through another adoption with all the waiting, glitches and emotional "stuff" . . . I tell the Lord that if He feels we are a full house, it is well with my soul.    So, to answer the question that several have asked and maybe others have wondered,  if we are done and God has spoken, that is great.   I am full to overflowing because of God's goodness in giving us the six children He has placed here.   Only HE knows who needs to come to our table.  If there's another E******l out there, needing a family to call his/her own,  God will make it plain.  
This is one area of my walk with Christ where letting go of the reigns has resulted in incalculable blessings.  He always knows best!


  1. Very well said, Nikki! God bless you!

  2. Wise words from a woman who's been there! We're on the brink of making that decision and waiting on God to see what He wants us to do. So, we'll see! :)

  3. This certainly caught my attention :) It also helped me a great deal. Thanks :)