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Friday, July 1, 2011

Amazing Day

Apparently while those of us in the US were sleeping last night, Anthony and the teens were zip lining near the Taal Volcano!  They got a chance to drive by Francis' preschool, elementary and high schools as well.  I'm so grateful for the time they are spending at Samaritan's Place and the chance they have to be a part of Francis' day to day life.   I'm even more thankful for a husband who is an excellent photographer and for the laptop computer that connects me to these people I love so much!
In front of the Taal Volcano
Aaron and Elliana getting ready to "take off"
soaring above the trees

Francis was a lot more hesitant to try this than the others but he faced his fear!!!!


  1. What a wonderful, amazing opportunity! Looks like so much fun. And being able to explore where he came from is something to be treasured for sure. So glad they are together. Good luck on the rest of the journey. Stephanie.

  2. Nikki! So awesome. I know you can't wait for them to be back at home with you.