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Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas List

"What do you want for Christmas?".
My husband has asked me this question several times in the last 30 days.
I can't think of anything I need or want. Well, that's not true.
There are many things I "want" but none of them can be wrapped in a package and placed under a tree.
These are the things, if money was no object, that I would want this Christmas:
1. To host an orphan from The Philippines this summer
2. To go on to adopt that child - (I can not fathom hosting and NOT adopting0
3. To sell everything we own that will not fit in a suitcase and move to The
Philippines to do full-time ministry
4. To bring Lemuel's older brother to live with us. In our family. And teach him
to read.
5. To have my fear of flying, sickness and harm coming to my children ERASED.
6. For God to accomplish every item on the list above and bring fame to HIS great
name through my little, ordinary family.

My heart hurts every day. I keep thinking that we were created for MORE than the life we are living. That brings me to the next item on my ever-growing Christmas list.

7. To know the will of God for our family and walk in it. To be satisfied with what
He has called us to do whether it is a "list item" or not.

But if all those things are not to come to pass in the next two days, an anthology of Edgar Allan Poe stories and a box of good chocolates would be nice ...

Maybe by next Christmas?


  1. My list is very similar to yours:) Different country, though:) And it's not in Eastern Europe....I'm hoping to be heading to Africa in the spring. I just finished reading Kisses From Katie about the orphans and people of Uganda- it's a must read for all my friends!!! We ARE meant for something more, but too often we say "no." Love that you are open to doing more, but also that you realize that sometimes what you are doing is all you have been called to do.

  2. My husband asked what I wanted for Christmas. I said I wanted him to be happy & take time to appreciate our many, many blessings. (He tends to focus on what we don't have.) I hope he can give me what I asked for.

  3. Praise God for your precious heart Nikki!!! I LOVE this post! I feel much the same way! Love you and Merry Christmas sweet lady!