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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why Bigger is Better

Recently, it was brought to my attention that my family is considered a "large family". According to yahoo answers and wikipedia, "a family with more than four children constitutes a 'large family' in this century". A family with more than seven children can be considered a "mega family" and a family with more than twelve children . . . well, it was hard to find NICE adjectives online to describe a family with more than twelve children. When you do an internet search of families with more than twelve children, many of those "zero population growth" folks have snatched up domain names and jumped onto soap boxes that leave no room for celebrating a family of any size. For them, even one child is one child too many! Bah! Humbug!
This little research project got me thinking of all the reasons a big family is such a wonderful place to be! I don't mean to slight or show disrespect to families of few children. It's my intention share my heart in praise of large families and mention some of the things I have observed in my own family that have changed for the better as we've added members.

Large Families are Great Because:
1. There is always someone to snuggle/play/hang out with
2. There is generally at least ONE person who is on your side in an argument, no matter how wrong you are
3. Mom and Dad never have to worry about gaining too much weight because there is often a pair of eyes (or two) looking at them pleadingly while they try to enjoy that last piece of pie. Those same eyes are near to a pair of ears that can detect the pantry door or cellophane opening from a mile away!
4. Sharing is second nature
5. Nobody's a picky eater
6. You have many opportunities to serve others right in your own home
7. We can carry the groceries in in just ONE trip!
8. Pet care, chores, and yard work are shared among many sets of hands.
9. Our sitters love our children as much as we do - they are their siblings!
10. My definition of "loud" has changed dramatically and I can now concentrate almost anywhere
11. The bathroom is the only place anyone is ever alone so when someone is missing as we head out of the house, we always know where to look
12. You learn that "me time" is highly over rated
13. Finally . . .a big family is a place where you can be yourself, find a friend, get honest feedback, share ideas, be a counselor and a counselee, share inside jokes, and teach someone something new . . . ALL IN ONE DAY!

Anthony,Aaron, Elliana, Francis, Lemuel, Kyle and Ezekiel - you make life in a big family just one big adventure! I'm so thankful that we get to learn all this stuff together!


  1. I think it's so sad that we live in a society where the majority of the population supports the removal of life(abortion) but loudly protests giving life(20 kids and counting. I loved your post and snickered at the pantry door/cellophane comment. Too true lol Matt and I have hid in corners before quickly gobbling a piece of pie!

  2. Very true and well said! I'm still trying to get used to the noise though :oS.


  3. I'll let Bill know that we need to adopt a few more....

  4. I love this!!! We have 3 kiddos and just become foster parents and our first placement last weekend was for 4 kids for 3 days. We had so much fun in that 3 days and now I know I want a mega family :)

    If I get time I'm going to blog about your post.

  5. Currently we have eight with 1+ in heaven, and we are adopting 2 more from China (who are already ours in our hearts.) This is very true! My sister who has 8, was told, "Better you than me," in the grocery store the other day. She shot back with, "You're probably right."


    Big families are the best!

    Thank you for sharing.

    A mama to 13,

    P.S. I recently mentioned to someone how excited I was for God to add another child to our family.

    The response: "Don't you already have a big enough burden."

    So sad.

  7. Just last week my facebook status and blog said that we were thinking of a new shirt logo. The front would read, "Yes, thank you, we are well aware of the cost of college tuition and we are adopting another child anyway." Maybe the back could read...we love big families!! Your list is wonderful and your big family beautiful!