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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Job Well Done

Happy Reformation Day (especially to those reader friends who choose not to acknowledge the OTHER holiday taking place . . . the one that brings Reece's Cups from the homes of strangers into the greedy waiting hands of my prodigy).

For those keeping up with The Bartimaeus Project happenings, today is the last day of our Red Envelope Challenge.  The Red Envelope Challenge is laid out on our web page pretty succinctly but, basically, it's a push to obtain our start-up funding so my family can move to The Philippines.
It's gone well in my opinion.  We are inching closer to the move and are encouraged beyond our
wildest expectations at the generosity of God's people.  Many with no connection to The Philippines, blindness or adoption.  God has given them eyes to see and hearts to care even if the success of the project does not directly effect their day-to-day lives.

I love that!

I have received a recurring question regarding The Bartimaeus Project so let me ask and answer it here for others who might be wondering:

Q: If we would like to donate but do not care to donate online, what is the best way to get a check to your organization?
 A: A check can be mailed directly to The Carroll County Community Foundation at:
                                 Community Foundation of Carroll County
                                   255 Clifton Boulevard
                                 Westminster, MD

Just be SURE to put "Bartimaeus Project" in the subject line!!!
CFCC partners with many worthy projects and also has a general fund so we want to make sure the donation intended for the BP gets right to us.

I have to give one last, huge, resounding THANK YOU to those who have already given.
We are in awe of the way God moves hearts . . . He moves, you move, we move . . . the ripple effect.

Find Our Project HERE


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