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Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Indeed

Finally, after months of praying, talking, anticipating and planning, Our Father has given us some clear direction by way of a layoff.  Tomorrow (Tuesday), my husband is no longer an employee of Oracle, Inc. but is a "free agent".  This was a voluntary layoff in that he was asked quite awhile ago by his manager if he would like to be considered for such in light of his revelation that our family desires to shuck off this life and hit the mission field.


We have six children and some time will lapse between tomorrow and our physical move.

A little nervousness, too!

But God has always provided.  We have NEVER had to miss a meal.  We have never had our electricity turned off or had to use a food pantry.  And many Believers we know personally HAVE gone through these trials.  And we are no better than they. And maybe we, too, will experience these things.  We prefer being the "helper" as opposed to the "helpee" . . . but who doesn't?   And we read in God's word that there is a time and a season for everything.

But we have done all we can to prepare.

Our only debt is our mortgage. And it's small like our house.  Thank you, Dave Ramsey!

We have taken and taught Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University".  There is an emergency fund.
There should be severance although we do not know how much.  We find that out tomorrow.

That's a prayer request.  That the severance is exactly what we need to sustain this family until our move.  Our daily bread . . .

All this to say, we are fine. We are taken care of.  We are BLESSED!  We are filled with anticipation for what the Lord will do next!  We ask for nothing but the prayers of our fellow Believers.

We trust that our Abba, Father has ordered even this for His own glory!

Oh, that His name would be lifted up here, even in this time of transition.   That my faithlessness would not rise to the surface.  . . That everything we endure points to the goodness of our God.

That's all we long for . . . let it be . . .



  1. Dear Nikki,

    Firstly, I know that God KNOWS your exact need... praying He provides exactly what you need tomorrow.

    I've been wanting to write you for sometime to say thank you. Your blog was the first blog I started following... ever! I came across it on the Gentle Hands site. I visited GH a number of years ago and have never been more personally changed nor challenged as I was during my first trip to the Philippines (and I have been to many and served in several countries!). It is through your blog that I became aware of special needs adoptions. As I have read your blog and journeyed through blogs of Reece's Rainbow families at the same time of dealing with my daughter's own needs, God laid it upon my family's heart to adopt ourselves. We are now so close to bringing home a little one with special needs from China. Just wanted to thank you for the role you have played in this! If it wasn't for your blog, we might not have grown our family!

    I am so excited for you and your family as you enter the mission field. My husband and I were missionaries in SE Asia for many years and not a day goes by that we don't long to be back on the field. However, God has us here for a time to grow our family and I wouldn't change that! When the time is right, and we've been united with our treasure from China, we hope to be back to the field.

    Enjoy this time and watch as God does things and unfolds things you could never dream nor imagine. What an AMAZING thing you are doing for your children. May the Lord honour that! Isn't it amazing when the Lord gives you the desires of your heart. Cherish this!

    I pray that God will continue to "tie up all loose ends" as you finish preparing. In the midst of the busyness of it all, I pray that He fills you and each member of your family with a peace only He can give. May He prepare the hearts of each of you and equip you all for what He is calling you to. And may your eyes remain on Him through it all so you will know Him in new and deeper ways!

    Bless you, and again, thank you!


    1. Jodie,
      I thank you SO much for taking the time to write this, to share your heart and especially to pray for our family.
      I will pray for you as you draw close to bringing your daughter home from China.
      Thank you for reading! If God used any part of our journey to encourage your family along the way, I am infinately blessed.
      For His Fame,

  2. I will be praying for you and your family. May the Lord provide.

  3. Wow! It never ceases to amaze me how God's plan unfolds-every detail is under his control. Continuing to pray for your family as God ties up all the loose ends and moves you to the mission field. Thank you for the mentor role you have had in my life-and Anthony in Scott's. Love to you all! Jo Anna

  4. What an amazing opportunity. I am lifting you all up in prayer. How are the kids looking at this move? Are they on board with you?

    1. Everyone is coming along, by choice, and excited! More Faithfulness fom our Father!

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