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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Know You

Just when I was getting discouraged about the progress (or lack thereof) with our adoption, a ray of sunshine appeared in our mailbox yesterday. It was the notification from US Homeland Security of our appointment for biometric fingerprinting. Those of you who have not adopted a child internationally may wonder what in the world I'm talking about. For my husband and I to be cleared to adopt, we must submit our fingerprints and have them compared with the prints of known felons, terrorists and other derelicts of society. Despite the fact that our fingerprints never change, this process has to be repeated for each international adoption (to the tune of $870 each time). In any case, we are scheduled to have our prints takes soon and that will be one step closer to our precious boy!

I was browsing his orphanage web site (www.gentlehands.org) and looking at the pictures of the children. There is one picture of Ezequiel on that web site and it's fairly old. I'm guessing he was less than a year old when it was taken. While I was gazing at his photo, I was struck with the most unusual sense of familiarity. I looked into his eyes and thought "I KNOW you. You're my baby" and it seemed the most logical notion on Earth. We've never met this child. We don't know the sound of his voice, how he likes to be held or his favorite food. I have no idea what his hair looks like after a bath . . . but as I looked at his photo today, I KNEW him.
It reminds me of how our Heavenly Father names us and claims us before we even come into His family. We are His before we ever know Him. As we run around in our lostness without a Godly heritage, the Creator of the Universe looks upon us and says
"I know her. She's my baby". I appreciate that so much more now.
Thank you, Jesus, for claiming me!


  1. Those pis are absolutely stunning--gorgeous boy!

    Oh goodness, I completely understand the frustration that comes with international adoption. The waiting is SO hard. Hang in there--you will be on a plane before you know it. All the waiting will be forgotten about the day you hold your sweet boy in your arms. Soon!