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Monday, September 28, 2009

Floods and Showers

Those of you who may not be up on "world news" probably don't realize that in the last few days, The Philippines has been inundated with rain from Tropical Storm Ondoy (or Ketsana). Metro Manila is flooded and the outlying areas like Rizal are positively drenched! Electricity is out all around the area and many of the poorest of the poor have lost their shacks, some their lives. Please pray for the precious people of The Philippines. When I heard the news of this disaster, my selfish mind went immediately to Ezequiel. "Where is my baby?" was my first thought. I admit my thoughts probably should have gone to the lovely family members we have living in PI and to the people as a whole, who struggle to feed their families and carve out some sort of a dignified existence amid some daunting economic hardship but all I could think about was Ezequiel and pray that he is safe. My next selfish thought jumped to our adoption process and the realization that this flood will inevitably slow down our paperwork and cause us to have a post-Christmas travel date. Yes, I know, self-centeredness at it's finest! I admit these things only to share how utterly convicted I felt about them yesterday.
Some of our friends, those who have dedicated themselves to our fundraising and who started "Friends of Ezequiel" just continue to bless us minute by minute. Yesterday they had a baby shower for us. We were blessed with diapers, wipes, a winter coat, shampoo, onesies, pajamas, socks and gift cards galore! If doing all the other work for our adoption was not enough, these ladies just showered us with more love and care than we could ever deserve.
It was on the way home that I realized in a new way how God truly does "more than we ask or imagine". It was then that the confidence in the God I serve to protect and bring our boy home safely was bolstered to new heights. Be it December or January, what's another month? God is sovereign and He is more than able! Praise to His
holy and matchless name!

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