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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Choosing Thankfulness

We have hit another snag in our paperwork with USCIS. Our blessed office of homeland security decided our homestudy wasn't quite specific enough regarding our capability to parent a special needs child. We were asked to submit an addendum (called a supplement 3, to be exact) along with the $340 fee required for this form. IT IS A RACKET! I know many folks like to blame the high cost of adoption on greedy agencies or greedy foreign entities. I can tell you, firsthand, Uncle Sam gets a nice little piece of the pie. I realize the title of this entry is "Choosing Thankfulness" and it sounds suspiciously like I am headed in the wrong direction here. Let me clarify.
On a normal day in the life of our family, a surprise $340 bill would really be painful for us. We have a budget and it rarely includes unexpected expenditures in such a large amount. Thanks to "Friends of Ezequiel" the money was just waiting and ready to be used when we needed it. I am TRULY, DEEPLY thankful today . . .thank you, Friends of Ezequiel for your support. Thank you JESUS for keeping our boy safe as we wait for him. Thank you, most of all, Lord, for saving my soul.

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