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Monday, November 16, 2009

Critical Mass

Yes, I have hit "critical mass"! As all of you adoptive parents out there can attest, there comes a time in the adoption journey when you say "I simply can NOT wait one more day for my child" and then, because you have no choice in the matter, you wait.
I am there. I am positively climbing the walls in anticipation of meeting Ezequiel.
There is nothing more I can do to the house, his room, his clothing, etc. I have read all I can read on Down Syndrome, heart defects, local surgeons and the like. I have answered the question "do you know when you'll travel" at least 1,000 times and it kills me to have to say "sometime between early December and early January" once again.
I am not now and never have been a patient person. I have prayed and asked the Lord to make me satisfied with the here and now. I am not satisfied.
I am praying that our I-800 approval is in the mailbox TODAY. If not, I don't know what I'll do. Oh, yes I do . . . I'll WAIT!


  1. I cacn't say I understand this, because Ive never adopted (not yet anyway) but I am SO not patient. I've already begun to think about how hard it's going to be to wait when I adopt. So I feel you on the lack of patience. But one day you'll have him in your arms and it'll feel like he's been yours forever.

  2. I kinda know what you're going through, I've been waiting since August to get back to my girls, although I can't imagine knowing that they really are going to be your own! My girls are only mine in my heart, my heart already breaks at the thought of possibly leaving them again!

    Maybe God is simply waiting till I get there, so I can meet you face to face and say one last goodbye to Ezequiel!!! (although I selfishly would love for it to work out this way, I much rather pray for earlier timing, so that you can have your little boy in your arms!!)

  3. I am stormin heaven for you and that you get that paper TODAY! I can understand, time is such a hard element in all this, time and money. We are waiting for our fingerprint appointment. 7 months of fundraising and we are $3000 away from a payment that will let them put us into court. And more fundraising to go. But in the end all the fundraising, waiting on paperwork, you name it, all is so worth it!!!!! :)

    Praying Jeremiah home Quickly

  4. I remember that wait...it's soo hard! Hoping and praying you receive news soon! He is such a sweet, precious looking child. I remember staring at my son's picture and dreaming of the day I would get to hold him! Hoping your day comes soon!