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Friday, January 22, 2010

With a Little Help From My Sen . . .

Okay, cheesy title but, hey . . . getting up for several nights in a row from 1am -3am trying to call the US Embassy in Manila for updates on our case WILL make you a little loopy. You should all try it!
Here's the status: Ezequiel's visa and passport appointment are ready to be scheduled by the US Embassy in Manila!!! As of today, they have not been but it should be any day now. After several nights of fruitless calls to Manila (I can hardly wait for the phone bill) and only getting through to the Embassy about every 6th or 8th attempt, I decided there had to be another way to find out about our case. I googled something clever like "how can i contact the us embassy in manila" and up popped the contact information for my very own, real live Senator, Richard Burr. I called his office and got through on the FIRST TRY (so THERE, US Embassy) and was immediately put in touch with a wonderful woman who emailed me forms to sign within about 45 seconds of hanging up with her. The forms were permission for her to contact the embassy on our behalf. YOU BETCHA!!!!! I hope to be posting very very soon that we have an update and an actual travel date!!! I can not stop dreaming about that beautiful boy! This is truly "the 9th month of pregnancy" at it's finest!
Keep praying, my dear friends, we are almost there~!!!!


  1. I hope you hear something VERY soon!! :) I can hardly wait for you to post dates either.

  2. OMG! You are SO close. Hang tough. You're almost there and soon your son will be in your arms. Can't wait to hear about the dates. Best wishes.

    Stephanie-- www.10kidsin2010.blogspot.com

  3. Yippee!! The wait is almost over. How exciting to be this close to your due date!!

    P.S. you look great for being 9 months pregnant, I'm sure.


  4. I found you blog this evening and have enjoyed reading about your son's adoption.

    He is adorable! Praying he will be in your arms very soon.

    Warmly, Addie