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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Ezequiel continues to thrive and bond with his dad and two siblings. They have taken him here, there and everywhere and are completely smitten with him, as he is with them.
I am living vicariously through pictures and skype until they bring him home to me.
We are preparing to embark upon a brand new chapter in our lives. We are now parents of a toddler with Down Syndrome. We are now a family of seven. We are now officially "out of our minds" according to some well meaning friends - ha ha! What we really are, most of all, is blessed. Who am I that God should see fit to reward me with this most precious little being? I pray that I will parent this little angel in a way that points others to Jesus. That's really all this crazy life of adoption, homeschooling, parenting and being is all about - making a mark for Him. My soul desire is that He is honored by something that we do while on this Earth. Jesus, be glorified in the life of a sinner like me? It seems impossible but He is in the business of doing the impossible. Thank you, Father!


  1. He is SO beautiful...I know you are itching to get your hands on him!!

  2. So happy for you :)! Your little guy is precious! We have a toddler with Ds (biological) and are about to adopt another little girl with Ds from Eastern Europe. You are in for some wonderful surprises :). Your life--with Zeke in it--will be filled with joy...

  3. Your sons looked beautiful together!

  4. Amen! You stated that so beautifully Nikki! He is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to meet him once you get settled in, etc.


  5. Hi!
    I am a friend of Jody and Kristin and live in Apex. I have 2 adopted daughters as well. Your boys look right at home together in the pool. What a blessing! I wanted to tell you what an eloquent writer you are. God has really given you a gift with words. I was so struck by the last sentence of your post "The Beginning of the Beginning". Those who knowingly take on hardship for the glory of God are truly amazing people and some of these amazing people have been a part of our children's lives long before we even lay eyes on them.Praise God for these souls:)