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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well, Zkel has been home about three weeks now and we are either on an extended "honeymoon" or he is really the best little 2 year old I've ever met! What a sweet spirit! He is happy almost all the time. He only whines when he is excessively tired and laying him down in his crib actually makes him HAPPY when he's very tired! He has been sleeping all night for about 5 nights now (I do hear an occasional bit of chatter from his crib but it only lasts literally 60 seconds before he's asleep again) and what a crowd pleaser! Everywhere we go, he is complimented by total strangers for simply being cute - a feat he accomplishes with no effort whatsoever! I have heard others talk about children with Down Syndrome as "angels". While that doesn't exactly line up with my theology, I can clearly see why this title is applied to these particular children. My husband purchased a t-shirt online months ago that says "every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome". When he wore it for the first time, Zkel wasn't home with us yet and I honestly felt it was a bit of an overstatement. I stand corrected. Any family raising one of these precious babies should consider themselves very blessed! I know I do!


  1. So glad to hear that Zkel's transition to your family life has been so wonderful! I can't wait to meet him! We'll have to do a RR park date with all of the kiddos when I get back with Nadia. :)


  2. Kristen,
    Definitely!! Count me in for a park day! We can chase our babies together (ha ha)

  3. Hi,
    My name is Linda and I met Zkel in Manila at Gentle Hands about one year ago. I am so happy to hear he has been united with you. We have a daughter with Down Syndrome who just turned 5. So of course, he has a special place in my heart! We are actually state side on furlough right now, and will return in May. I have prayed lots for your son :) He is a fabulous boy and I am so happy for you! I feel really blessed to have been able to read this story. Give him a squeeze from me, his prayer warrior. He has no idea who I am:)
    Bless you!

  4. What great news! I am glad your whole family is so in love with this little guy.

  5. God is good! So happy the transition is going so well! Blessings to your family!

  6. Hi!! Thanks for emailing me via my blog "Bill and Ria" so I could find you too. Zkel is so cute. And he's adorable! He reminds me of my very own Matthew! Raising a child with DS is certainly a blessing.