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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Ba aaaack!!!

After a couple of emails from dear friends and a blog reader or two asking me where in the world I have run away to, I decided to get back on track and post! Surprisingly, my absence from the "blog world" has little to do with Ezekiel (he is a fantastic, adaptable little guy who goes with the flow) and more to do with my life as a homeschooling mother. This is the point in every school year that I look upon with fear and trepidation. THIS is the it's-not-yet-summer-break-but-I-wish-it-were time of year.I haven't even ordered my end-of-year tests for the kids yet. My older children have some large projects due in their co-op classes, two of these projects are "power point" in nature so I am of no measurable help to my children and, to top it off, my precious oldest son is in Christian Youth Theaters' production of Les Mis right now. His piano recital is just two short weeks away and none of his "nice pants" fit anymore . . sigh . . . Add in my 12 year old public school kiddo tracking out on Monday, an active two year old and a first grader who gets up each morning asking "can we do a LOT of schoolwork today, please?" and you have a recipe for the "Calgon, take me away" commercial. Remember that?
THIS is the time in each school year where I pledge to myself that I'll be more prepared next year. THIS is the time of year that I like to imagine my whole family
in a fully-packed car, dogs in the kennel and us headed off on a beach trip paid for courtesy a loving relative who sensed my stress and sent us a vacation!
Seriously, though. THIS is the time of year that I need to cling to the scripture "be still and know that I am God" with all my heart. Just as He does every year, God will lead us through this busy time. THIS is the year I am praying not just to survive but to prosper so I can look back and say "great is Thy faithfulness" as we pull out of the driveway and head for the beach!


  1. Nice to hear from you! Understand completely the pull of homeschool right now and how busy it can be.(I really don't know , come May 31st, who jumps up and down more...my children or me.)Anyway, glad to hear that life is only enhanced by your newest lamb. That is a blessing for sure!
    Lisa (down the street)

  2. Welcome back oh wayward blogger friend! I feel your "pain" with the end of the homeschooling year. Add in an upcoming trip to Ukraine and I've already got the "Oh, let's just call it a wrap for this year" mindset. Problem is, certain important subjects, like Math, aren't that close to being finished. Oh well. Glad that Ezekiel is doing so well and that's he's transitioned into your family so seamlessly!!


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