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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dazed and Confused

After much prayer regarding "The Ariel Situation" all I can say is, it appears there is no legal way for him to immigrate to the US. On one hand, this is sad for him, the only one of three brothers unable to make the journey, but on the other hand, I trust my Heavenly Father implicitly. He knows what each of us needs, where we should live and who should come to our table. It appears that, without a miracle, Ariel is not to be ours. I can not thank my AMAZING Sentor's office enough! Richard Burr (R-NC), you are an unbelievably helpful man with an equally wonderful staff! I sent out pleas for help to many elected officials and the first to reply and act was Richard Burr. I don't want to get too political here but, he was the only Republican I contacted so, surmise for yourself what that might imply (ha ha).
On a happier note, my family was blessed to attend our adoption agency's family picnic at a gorgeous park. We spent time with many other families who had adopted children from The Philippines. Once again, I found my heart feeling that tug to go back for "just one more". I don't know if Anthony felt any "tug" except the "tug" on the wallet in his back pocket (ha ha). The new blog photos were taken at the picnic.
Well, I'm off to head to a neighboring town to bring home a treadmill we found on craigslist yesterday! If we are ever to adopt from The Philippines again, I must keep in mind their "body mass index" requirement and get my body to have a little less "mass" - ha ha!

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  1. I like the reminder your perspective gave me that even though it seems "terrible" that Ariel can't come live with his brother, it is ultimately God's plan for him to stay where he is for now and we know that God will take care of this young man. I'll pray for him as well.

    We love Richard Burr. We got to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts with his staff on inauguration day in Washington 6yrs. ago. We then later that same day, met him at a luncheon he threw for N.Carolina constituents in downtown DC. Very fun!

    Glad to see an update about your wonderful family!