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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Week To Remember

"Father to the fatherless, defender of widows — this is God, whose
dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families." -Psalms 68:5-6

This past week was a much-needed time of learning and growth for me. I was honored to have two missionaries from The Philippines in my home for seven full days!!! Some of you reading this might cringe at the thought of a week of house guests but this was no ordinary "visit". The two women who came to my home are Americans who have lived and served in The Philippines for over 20 years. They began as directors of a birthing home which expanded to include an orphanage. They still deliver babies for the poor in their community, hold classes on infant care, reproductive health and so much more. They mobilize their community in times of crisis and help them put a plan into action to solve their own problems. In 1998, a sick and dying woman surrendered her three sons to the director of the baby home. This birth mother died of tuberculosis one month after selflessly placing her beloved sons in the care of strangers, the youngest child being just a month old at surrender. That one-month old baby has grown into my now 12 year old adopted son. Having the eyewitness to his first eight years in our home was beyond wonderful. Thank you, Jeri and Sara Gunderson for a chance to ask limitless questions about life as servants of Christ in The Philippines. I hope anyone who has taken the time to read this post will take a moment to pray for The Little Childrens' Home and Shiphrah Birthing home in Taytay, Rizal Philippines. WONDERFUL things are going on there!


  1. What a neat opportunity to have these ladies in your home! I'm sure you took lots of notes as they recalled your son's 8yrs. with them. I will definitely pray for their mission in the Phillipines!

    Glad to see you posting when you get the chance!

  2. Wow! How neat to have answers about your child's life before you met him!And to spend time with those that God appointed to care for and love him until you could being him home. What a wonderful opportunity!