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Friday, July 16, 2010

All Things Are Possible

I can scarcely believe I get to type the words I am preparing to type but, here they are: my husband has prayerfully decided we should go forward with attempting to adopt the 14 (almost 15)year old young man from The Philippines who I wrote about in an earlier post!!!!!!! I would absolutely LOVE to share his name, a photo (I have many), his current orphanage, etc.etc. but right now, I can't. If this adoption were to not happen for any reason, I can't take a chance at disappointing this child in such a huge way. I also have to obtain permission from the central authority in The Philippines to pursue another adoption before finalization of Ezekiel's adoption.
There are other hurdles to climb and little time to climb them but my God is more
than able. He has shown this to me in too many ways to list.
The young man we are hoping to adopt has waited for a family for many years. He has had a crushing disappointment in the form of a promise unkept by a family that hosted him on an exchange program. He has watched countless babies and toddlers meet their "forever families" only to return to his cottage as an orphan. He is smart, with no noted special needs other than his age (and certainly the needs that come along with institutional living for almost 15 years). We must act fast as our US immigration system will not allow us to apply for a visa for a child over 16 years of age. We have one year to complete all the needed paperwork. The biggest obstacle is, of course, the financial one. We just completed Ezekiel's adoption and do not have the money to start the process. We are trusting God to move mountains and provide the $20,000 we need to bring this young man home. We know He can do it.
If any of you reading know of agencies giving grants to families pursuing older children, please private mail me. If you are willing to pray for our family on this one, please pray specifically for the following:
1. Permission from the Inter Country Adoption Board to pursue this young man
2. The finances needed to bring him home
3. That all of our current children would be on board
4. That God would be preparing him for life in a family and would give him peace
and excitement about becoming an Esquivel
Thank you in advance for your faithful prayers. I know that with man, this is completely impossible but with God, all things are possible!


  1. Oh Nikki this is such wonderful news!!! I'll definitely be praying for the finances to come through and the other hurdles to be jumped with ease! Thank you God for allowing another orphan to find such a wonderful family!!!


  2. I'm so excited that you are adding to our family!!!God knows your heart and knows what this child needs and I have faith that this is a well designed connection. I will pray daily for all the things listed above until he is home with you(us)! Love You Guys!!!!

  3. Wow! That is all I can say:)God is able!!!