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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No News is . . . Well . . . NO NEWS

We are in a bit of a familiar holding pattern right now with the hopeful adoption of Francis from The Philippines. We continue to wait for the governing board of adoptions (the ICAB or Inter Country Adoption Board) to give us the green light on our request to start the process. If there is anything to be grateful for in this waiting period, it is that I am no longer dreading the mountainous paperwork, I welcome it. I am no longer exhausted at the thought of fund raising, I am fired up! I am praying daily that we get a chance to bring this young man into our family and each day that passes without news is another day for me to lean wholly on Jesus and to remind myself that He is in charge. The ICAB board meets once a week on Thursdays (while those of us in the US are sound asleep Wednesday night, it is Thursday in PI). I pray that by week's end, we will have our answer. If not, we continue to wait and pray.
Confession Time: Because I am so bad at waiting, I did go out and buy a few items on the off chance the ICAB says "yes". I have purchased new bedding and some paint.
Hey . . .I've got to do SOMETHING (ha ha). The room could use some TLC anyway so why not now? I hope to be posting something wonderful come week's end. Stay tuned!!!


  1. I will pray for your family! I have a heart for older child adoption, too. While I waited throughout the adoption of our son, I clung to the hope in Hebrews 11:1..."Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we can not see." Prayers with you!