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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today I received a glimmer of hope in my mailbox!  We received our I-800a approval from homeland security!!!  Basically, my husband and I have been determined to be eligible to adopt a child aged 0-16 from The Philippines.  Our fingerprints have been accepted and run through the system and our criminal backgrounds have been investigated (trust me, there's nothing there to investigate unless speeding tickets are in the data base - ha ha). This is a vastly important step as it allows us file for Francis' immigration clearance just as soon as we get his legal documents ( birth certificate, surrender paperwork, etc).  We are definitely getting closer to bringing our boy home!!!  I have not failed to miss the irony of my last post where I admit to struggling with the wait.  As always, God uses my own impatience to teach me to trust Him.  I am committing to pray more and worry less through the remainder of this adoption.   Thank  you, Lord, for your unlimited supply of patience and the gentle way you reveal my shortcomings.  I don't deserve this type of grace but I sure am thankful for it!


  1. YEAH!!!!! So glad to hear this. We got out letter today from them as well saying they had gotten our final leg of I800....yippee for both our families!