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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Final Word

I'd like to submit one final post regarding adoption disruption and then, I will have exhausted my entire wealth of knowledge on the subject (ha ha).  Many readers may be familiar with the organization CHASK (Christian Homes and Special Kids).  Chask is a well-respected, God-focused ministry to birth parents and they serve two sectors of the adoption community. First, they help birthmothers who are pregnant with special needs babies. They encourage these moms to choose life for their babies and if the moms are considering adoption, they help match these unborn treasures to families who are open to the particular special need.
I have seen many babies with down syndrome and spina bifida listed on the CHASK site.  Second, the CHASK site offers a venue for parents who are disrupting their adoptions to find new families for their children.  Currently, as I type this post, there are two children from Ukraine and one from China listed on the site.  They are all older children and all have behavioral diagnoses like Reactive Attachment Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These children will not be "easy", most likely.
During the worst of our battle with parenting Lemuel, I contacted CHASK and considered placing him there for "rehoming" (a term that makes me bristle because it sounds like it refers to a pet rather than a child). CHASK is wonderful.  If you are a family who has considered disrupting and decided in favor, I encourage you to let CHASK help you.  If you have considered adopting a child from a disruption, please go to their web site and pray about the children currently listed.  www.chask.org .
I check their photolistings daily. I pray for the children featured there and am always thrilled to see how quickly the photos are removed. It seems there are scads of parents who are equipped to handle these difficult children.  I praise the Lord for such families. To knowingly, willingly  walk through what we "accidentally" did garners so much respect from me!  Please investigate CHASK, pray for their volunteers and their waiting children, consider donating to them and sharing their link with others who may benefit.

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