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Monday, May 9, 2011

Finishing Well

Before I share an update on our adoption, I have to say, the Pacquiao fight was pretty good but could have been better. It only got exciting in the last two rounds (12 round fight) when, after being pushed to the ground by his opponent but being accused of being KNOCKED DOWN, Manny decided to stop being so nice and start seriously swinging!!   Enough of my guilty pleasure and on to more important matters . . . our adoption!

About a week ago, we received our letter from the National Visa Center letting us know that the cable has been sent to the US Embassy in Manila alerting them of our approval.  I, of course, called the US Embassy as soon as possible and was told by the officer that our paperwork has been sent on the ICAB for processing.  As of today, I believe that is where the paperwork sits.  ICAB (Inter Country Adoption Board) has to fill out some portion of the paperwork, send it back the Embassy and schedule Francis' visa interview appointment. 
We are most definitely in the home stretch but this is also an unpredictable time. If the Embassy is fairly booked, he may not get an interview appointment for several weeks. If the ICAB is back logged, they may not get his paperwork filled out for several weeks.  I know all of these things will come to pass but I just can't say when.
Realistically, I think we are looking at an end-of-June to first-week-of-July travel date.   Francis will be with us about a month and a half before his sixteenth birthday.  It's what I prayed for. I wanted the Lord to let him turn sixteen here, with us. 

I ask for continued prayer for the last of this process.  I have complete faith that God will allow everything to come to completion.   He began this good thing and He is faithful to see it through!  Praise His holy, matchless, perfect name!


  1. I'm glad things are looking good. Praying, praying, praying!!!

  2. so excited for you. would love to see you when you come to manila!