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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have recently become aware of two young ladies in The Philippines who are in desperate need of families.
They are not related and will  go two separate placements and THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Both need to be adopted in practicing Christian homes - where a walk with Christ is the focus of the family.
Both girls are around ten years old and understand that they will be adopted.  Aside from being gorgeous, their write ups look very, very good. 
I wish I could post pictures and specifics but the rules of the ICAB prevent me from doing so.  Please log on to our adoption agency web site and take a look at the criteria and fees for Philippine adoptions Christian Adoption Services .    You can also send me an email here  for more information.
Above all, please pray for these girls, that they get the chance to live out their lives as someone's precious daughters. . . that a daddy comes in to offer them protection like only a daddy can . . . that they get a Mama to show them the path to womanhood.   God designed children for families. There's no better place!


  1. too bad that it is too soon for you to start again....you could use a girl or two to balance out some of that testosterone in your house. ;-)

    will be praying that the perfect family(s) find them!

  2. If God convinces my husband again I would do it in a second, Nikki!!! :-)