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Monday, June 6, 2011

Taking Issue

I've noticed in my recent blog reading  what seems to be a marked increase in Believers "taking issue" with one another.  The amount of hair splitting that goes on in the blog world, on facebook and other such forums is starting to be downright discouraging.  For example, a fellow bloggy friend recently wrote a beautiful post about the "rescue" of their severely disabled daughter from an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  The word "rescue" could have been replaced with the word "adoption"  but, you see, children such as her daughter end up transferred to institutions around age 5 where they lay unattended to until they eventually die - most often below the age of ten.  My friend DID rescue this child from such a fate.  She was so severely chastised by fellow adoptive parents for using the word "rescue", most claiming to be Christ followers, that she removed her blog post.  I saw a few of the remarks after her post and could not believe the harshness, the haughtiness and the downright nastiness of some of the comments.  Most of them came from fellow bloggers with addys like "livingforJesus@ . . " or "childofhteking@ . . ."    

I, myself, have received a few comments or private emails since entering the blog world that have expressed sentiments along this same vein.  I used a word that offended.  I expressed an opinion that someone felt was unfair.  That is to be expected. Blogging puts you "out there" in ways that keeping a private journal never will. We bloggy types have to develop a little thicker skin in order to share our hearts with an unknown readership.
I actually LIKE a little dissension if it's phrased respectfully and comes from someone who seems to have well-thought-out ideas.  It falls under the "iron sharpening iron" category and makes me think, sometimes even rethink and investigate. It holds me accountable. (Although "Trish in Texas" who called me a "child collector" was just a jealous meanie - no iron to sharpen my iron there. . . ha ha . . how do you like me now, Trish? Here comes number SIX . . . boo yah!).   Ahem . .

Some might be thinking "why blog at all?".  After all, isn't it a little self promoting? Isn't it the cyber version of reality TV? What makes me any better than the Kardashians?   I would submit to you that, for me, blogging is none of those.    I blog for two reasons.  First, I genuinely feel that in some small way, my blog can help or encourage another family - especially a family considering adoption.  Second, God has just been so amazingly, surpassingly GOOD to our family, despite our many many shortcomings, that I find this blog a great venue for lifting HIM up.   That's it.  I'm not trying to change anyone's doctrine or guilt them into adopting the most disabled kid on the block.  I certainly don't think readers should aspire to emulate our family, except to open their lives to Jesus and say "here we are. . . do what you want!".

I'm asking readers to consider one small question.  If you are a Christ follower and happen to blog or comment on blogs, ask yourself if the item you are about to post does more to build up or tear down the body of Christ. After all, many non Believers read blogs, too . . . and comments.  What a great witness we might be if we learn to approach one another in love and humility!  

With that in mind, I say to "Trish in Texas", whatever pain has come into your life to make you such a bitter, angry, critical,  mean spirited woman, rest assured, Jesus  can heal you and give you a new set of eyes to see children the way He sees them.   They are worth it, Trish.  Every cent, every tear and every trip to the doctor.
I am privileged to have such a beautiful "collection".


  1. And are your kids ever fortunate to be part of your 'collection'! You have so much love in your heart and it shows in all their faces. I haven't had the privilege of meeting *all* your children, but I've seen you in action & while you aren't perfect (who is?) you are a mother after God's own heart. Bless you.
    Jen Baker

  2. I love you, Nikki! :-) Nuff said.

  3. I love your "collection"! Some people collect things that are material, that done honor Christ, that become their "idols" and that they can't take with hem when they die. So, I guess if you are "collecting" children, at least you are collecting something worth collecting, that can follow you to heaven and that does honor Christ. Oh and obviously God is speaking to "Trish in Texas" because why else would she not only read your blog but comment on it also!?

  4. LOVE your posts AND your perspective. Many Christians suffer from an "Iron" deficiency, don't you think? (Proverbs 27:17 and Eccl. 10:10)

    We need to be challenged in order to grow. We need to read

    Too often we live our lives in the cushy comfort of soft friends who always agree with us - or at least will never verbally disagree because they don't want to "hurt feelings". We as Christians all need to grow some skin on our feelings. Unhealed hurts are exposed - raw skin and nerves - and they cause us to react when these places are touched. Many of those mean spirited people are merely hurt and trying to cover their hurt with the bandaide of pride.

    If we grew appropriate skin - with sensitive nerve endings, we wouldn't react to every little thing; but we could respond to appropriate stimuli. Our skins need to be thick enough, but not so thick we are not challenged to altar opinions or look at problems from a new perspective.

    Your post challenge me - even when I don't disagree. :)

    Diane (Fe in FV)

  5. You go girl! Righteous anger for just the right reason!

  6. Your blog encourages me! Thank you for putting yourself out there! :0)

  7. I hadn't thought of how bloggers have to endure the rude comments and such. I enjoy reading a good blog from time to time. Don't give in to the meanies...just keep on being yourself and bringing your iron and encouragement. I like Diane's little note by her name (Fe in FV)..well, me too! lol
    Hugs and blessings!