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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flowers on the Trail

So much of this blog is dedicated to adoption issues.

This is a venue that allows our family to share the ups and downs of the calling with those who have experienced it or are hoping to.

But our adopted children are not the only "stars" of this show.

God has done marvelous works by bringing children from half a world away and making them ours HOWEVER . . .
He paved the way for these children coming to our home by first blessing us with two biological children who are wonders in their own rites.

To my "first-born babies" . . . you made us love parenting. You showed us the rewards are always worth the hard work.
You revealed to us that loving someone MORE than yourself is an unstoppable reaction.
You are beautiful people. Show stoppers.

When Dad and I talk about the adults you are growing into, we are giddy with pride. Watching Jesus shape your character and use your natural gifts and talents has been a great privilege.

Thank you for loving Jesus, sharing your family so willingly and making Daddy and I feel like far more successful parents than we really are.

We are blessed to call you "son" and "daughter".

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