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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Need a Hero

A few posts ago, I shared my heart - a desperate plea really - for the children coming to our state via our adoption agency's "Share Your Summer 2012" program.
There are 14 children scheduled to come and, as of a few weeks ago, no commitments to these children from willing families.
I am floored . . . thrilled . . .honored to announce that all but a few of these children have committed families. By "committed" I mean some children will be hosted but others will skip being hosted and head straight for being adopted!!!!! My heart sings!
There are a few children who have no commitment.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
I am asking the Lord to find parents (host AND adoptive) for three specific children for my birthday. I realize my Holy, Gracious Father doesn't "owe" me a present. He has already given all that I need and more but I am asking like that pesky neighbor lady in the Bible, repeatedly and maybe even annoyingly, in hopes that God will bring this to be.

The three children in need of host/adoptive parents are boys (of course - boys wait longest - one of the great mysteries of adoption to this Mama of five amazing SONS).

The first little boy is named Aaron, just like my own first born. He is eleven and he is just beautiful! Aaron is in the same orphanage one of our boys came from and I can tell you it is a wonderful, well staffed, loving, Christ focused environment.
Aaron is about as cute as they get! Small for his age and such a beautiful face!

The second children in need of a family are brothers. Their names are JR and Jim. They, too, come from that wonderful child caring agency where Aaron is currently living. They are 11 and 13 years old, I believe. They are energetic, helpful boys who could really use some permanency as they become young men. They would benefit so greatly from a loving Dad to take them under his wing and show them all the things men need to know - how to change a tire, how to watch seven TV shows at once, how to get away with wearing the same pair of jeans for a whole week - you know, the important stuff.

The deadline for hosting has been extended to TOMORROW - MY BIRTHDAY!

I can assure you, dear readers, these are children I would happily host and adopt myself. I have no fear for their safety around other children or their abilities to bond. The only reason my family has not stepped forward to host is that we are just finalizing Francis' adoption. The rules of the Philippine authorities state that families must wait two years between adoptions. I would never want to bring these boys here and then be unable to commit for such a long time. Their childhoods are already well underway.

I have pictures of them all. Oh, if I were allowed to post them . . . take my word for it. They are something! Lovely altogether!

If God is pricking your heart toward any of these boys, please contact Jess or Jim at Christian Adoption Services (www.christianadopt.org) You can see the profiles and pictures. You can know what I already know - three boys wait who should no longer be waiting! Hidden jewels in this adoption world that favors girls and babies - young men who could grow into Godly husbands and loving fathers themselves someday. Cycle breakers. Wanted and valued, and not just by people who come in and out of their lives but by people who say "I'm here and I'm staying".
That's Huge.
That, my friends, is the gospel.
Claiming someone for your very own and opening every corner of your life to that person. No holds barred. What's mine is yours . . . my house, my food, my children are your siblings, my last name is your last name, the heritage of my biological children is now YOUR heritage. No differentiating.
It's what Jesus did for us.
We can model it on our own imperfect level through adoption.
I have walked this path four times.
It is an emotional roller coaster, a faith walk, a nail biter and a trust stretcher. It hurts sometimes and makes you feel like you can fly other times.
It sends me running to my Abba Father and pleading for HIS guidance more than anything else in this life. It rescues me, too.

"Like mighty arrows in the hand of a warrior. So are the children of one's youth. Blessed is he who's quiver is FULL." Psalm 127:4-5


  1. Oh, those boys have been so heavy on my heart as well! On my knees for them! Praying your birthday wishes get answered!

  2. So what state are you in? You mentioned that they were coming to your state, just wondering if we were in the same one.

  3. NC but this program may work for families in states very near NC

  4. We are in NC...what is required? I am not sure we would be eligible as we just took in a young gal who is pregnant and wants to be able to parent. I do not know how long she will be with us and I am not sure how that would all work out with the homestudy process. Is it possible to host while the adoption process is underway for that child? How long did it take for you to complete you international adoptions and are there grants available for adopting older children? Sorry for asking so many questions. We have been in the process of infant domestic adoption for over a year and have not had a match. We planned to adopt international in the future and do not know all the ins and outs yet:)

    1. Joy,
      I am happy to answer your questions! Yes, is is possible and advisable to be going through the homestudy process while hosting if you plan to adopt. It is not required to host first, though. If you happened to get the file of a child you felt drawn to adopt, you can save your $3,500 hosting money and put it toward adoption. We DID receive grants for our last two adoptions that helped some but the bulk of our adoption $ came from fund raisers, donations from friends and family, selling stuff we didn't truly need and living SUPER frugally (as in, no Chick Fil A for six months - ha ha)! Worth every bit of hard work and sacrifice, I tell ya!
      The time frame for our last two adoptions of waiting children was about 9 months from application with the agency until travel! That is pretty FAST for an international adoption but I treated my paperwork mountain like a full time job for about 2 months. Again -totally worth it!
      Please feel free to email me privately with any additional questions or if you'd like to talk, I can reply to your email with a phone #.
      Praying for God's Guidance for Your Family,

  5. Happy Birthday! Praying for your birthday wish to come true!