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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's a New Thing!

For those who have been long-time readers (or started reading with Adoption Disruption: the Down and Dirty), I just wanted to offer a quick update for encouragement.

What I feared most since posting my "Cautious Corner Turning" and "More of This" has happened. Our son got into trouble for being deceptive last night. It was a minor infraction. He turned a TV show while two little brothers were in the middle of it and he took the remote with him to the restroom so they could not turn it back.

It was selfish. It was sneaky.

My heart sank when little brother came and tattled.

I HAD to confront the behavior and I prayed it would not end up in a lie or crying jag. That is the normal pattern. As predictable as a Twilight book, as regular as the phases of the moon . . .

But the cycle broke.

He hung his head, apologized, admitted it was wrong, unkind and selfish WITH NO PROMPTING and he returned the remote to little brother and subjected himself willingly to "Penguins of Madagascar".

There was sincerity in the air! It smells like lilacs and Reece's cups (ha ha).

I asked him to come talk to me and I told him I was NOT proud of the remote sneaking and channel changing but I was OVERLY proud of him taking responsibility and making it right when confronted. He wrapped me in a giant big-kid hug and just said "thank you".

I KNEW he would mess up eventually. Everyone does. Me. You. Everyone but Jesus.
What I didn't know was if the mess up would result in the ugly patterns of RAD coming back with a vengeance. It didn't! I praise the Lord. I love that he can mess up in a relatively normal way and humbly take correction. That is a skill that will serve him so well in life.

Shoot. I could use a little brushing up there myself.

NOBODY over reacted and nobody held a grudge. It was a beautiful mess.
An accidental blessing.

Lord, You are good! You heal. You restore. Even when we're faithless, YOU are faithful! I can't waste my time wishing we had gotten here five and half years ago.

Regret is futile and we're here NOW.

So glad I didn't miss it. So, so glad . . .


  1. Remember this in times of relapse ... praising with you and so grateful for your patient example of grace and mercy. You are an amazing family and our God is good.

  2. Wow and Wow! I have found myself praying for this boy when I don't even know him. Praying he will continue to grow!

  3. I KNEW it!!!! =) I believe in a God Who still moves on behalf of His people in miraculous ways! =)

  4. i am so proud of him, and you! The healing process is beginning to settle into his brain/heart/spirit. Sure takes time, doesn't it...blessings!

  5. Praising the Lord with you Nikki! Beautiful!

    ps. I think we all could use some "brushing up" in that area! ;0)

  6. Hip Hip Hooray!!! God is so good! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Music to my ears sweet friend!

  8. AH! So beautiful and wonderful!!! Praise the Lord! He is SO good!!!