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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have learned that spelling a word often lessens it's impact. I'm hoping that treating that word with a little respect will make it go away!!!!
My family flew to Detroit en route to Ezequiel yesterday. The crummy weather in Detroit caused them arrive late and miss their connection to Japan. The only available flight was today at 4pm so, they will arrive in Manila a day later than projected.
I am very, VERY proud of my husband in this situation. He is normally not the most patient person with travel delays but as he called me to report the status, he actually sounded chipper, happy even. He let me know that the new route is 4 hours less air travel AND they get to fly on KLM with nicer planes and individual TVs in the seat backs in front of them. I'm sure the kids will be thrilled with 19 hours of cartoon watching! We will have to step up the homeschooling after this trip to help them recover from the brain drain of endless TV but, in all truth, I am happy for them.
Anything to help the trip go by with less tedium is a blessing.
I hope my next blog post features a picture of my husband and two children finally holding our newest family member! Keep those prayers coming! Even in the midst of
"the D word", God is still in control.


  1. Prayers for safe travels for your family! Can not wait to see all of you reunited.

  2. Hurray for TV! :) Hopefully the flights will go smoothly and quickly for your family. Can't WAIT to see pictures of the cutie pie!!!


  3. PRAYING HARD for that picture to be up here soon! :) Thanks for updates :)


  4. Sorry for the delay but glad for the nicer plane. It will be great to see your little boy.

  5. The delays wash away in the end and God will handle everything else. Take care of yourself and can't wait for the photos. Lori (yahoo group)