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Monday, July 19, 2010

Precious in His Sight

Rammy is a 3-year old little miracle (his 3rd birthday is TODAY - July 19th)! He was abandoned in the hospital at birth and left, barely attended to, in a basket for the first six months of his life.
He has mild cerebral palsy and cognitive delays but oh, he is a BEAUTIFUL little boy!
He can walk unassisted, feed himself, play happily around the nursery and give and receive affection appropriately. Rammy is going to make someone an absolutely wonderful little son! Are you a family willing to open your home to a child created by God to be the recipient of someone's unconditional love? Are you willing to receive the blessings that come along with special needs adoption? Please consider Rammy. Special needs adoption from The Philippines can happen in as little as 8 months (from application to travel) and is an amazing adventure!
Although the Philippines has specific requirements for adoptive families, those requirements can be waived on a "case by case basis" for a special needs adoption.
If you would like to learn about how you can bring Rammy into your family, log on to the Christian Adoption Services web site at www.christianadopt.org, click on "looking to adopt", "international adoption" and "Philippines". Please call the agency and speak to Jim Woodward about the flexibility of the requirements for special needs adoption.
Our family has been to Rammy's orphanage. We have video of him dancing with our own son, Ezekiel. He is in a clean, loving, low staff to child environment where the children are thriving.
Please pray about this! If you don't feel led to adopt right now, please pray for Rammy's family to show themselves soon. With early intervention, a loving home and prayers from God's people, Rammy's potential is amazing!


  1. Rammy is a doll baby! I'll be praying that some family scoops him up QUICKLY!!! That little sweetie next to him is tempting me TERRIBLY!!! Do you know anything about her as well???