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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Last Call For Families!!!!!!!

Share Your Summer 2013 is Christan Adoption Service's Philippine host program.

This program has set out to help beautiful older children from The Philippines find their families.

There are still a few boys in need of a family to commit to hosting them and, the deadline is
TOMORROW at 5pm!   You don't have to pay all the hosting fees by tomorrow but you do need
to select the child you feel led to host (with the goal of adoption in mind) and let Jim or Jenica at the agency know your intent.

Here's a little about the six boys who need YOU:

John is a 12 year old young man who has been hosted once before.  Through NO FAULT OF HIS OWN, the host family was unable to adopt him but the host mother is more than willing to talk to any interested parties.  He was a wonderful addition to their home and she hoped it would be forever.
John likes basketball and gardening.  He acts as a big brother to the younger children in his orphanage.

Daniel is 12 and oh-so-handsome! He enjoys all types of dance and he comes from a children's home that is truly Christ-centered.  I have a friend who recently visited Daniel at his children's home and has only wonderful things to say about him!

Raydelle is extremely cute and looks a bit younger than his 13 years.  He is very coordinated and likes to play all kinds of games.  He enjoys church activities and going to camp.  His bright smile fills the picture I have of him!  He is such a cute boy!

Sonny is fourteen and, no bias intended but he is my personal favorite!  If our family was not moving, we would be looking to adopt this young man.  There is something so endearing about this boy and his life story is very painful to read.  Despite a difficult early life, Sonny has become a young man with many gifts. He plays drums and guitar. He likes to cook and he is described as "shy" and "quite" by his caregivers.  Of course, he is so very handsome and in his picture, you can tell he really is shy.

Jerome is 14 and plays drums in his church band.  He relates well to the other children in his center
and his favorite food is spaghetti.  He is described as "polite" by those who know him.  He looks like one of the "hidden jewels" God has given to us . . . it's hard to know such a great kid still waits and comes dangerously close to that 16-year mark where adoption is no longer an option for him.

13 year old Jason is an accomplished artist (drawing) and also likes to sing, dance and play basketball.  He especially enjoys singing at church. Jason is respectful to his caregivers and really enjoys science.  Forgive the "broken record" editorial here but Jason is a very VERY handsome young man.

Hosting is expensive . . .(about $3,500 per child) and inconvenient (it takes up about a month of your summer) but for these young men who wait, it is a lifeline to a brighter future!  These boys don't need to come to the US to get a glimpse of "the good life".  Many of them have relatively good lives in their care homes.  The children in Philippine orphanages, more often than not, receive good care.
They are fed, clothed, educated and often attend church regularly. There tends to be a low staff-to-child ratio and a low turn-over among staff.  The circumstances that bring the children into care  are most often poverty related, death or incarceration of parents and inability of extended family to provide for the children.  But every story is different.  The information provided to interested families is thorough and, in our experience with four different adoptions from four different orphanages, accurate.

Adopting from The Philippines is a straightforward process with no bribes or hidden "fees" like a family may experience in some countries.  English is widely spoken in and around Manila and travel in country can be as little as five days (although I recommend staying longer. There is SO much to see, do and EAT in that wonderful place that you won't want to leave too quickly).

If you feel God pricking your heart for one of these precious boys, DO NOT WAIT!!
Contact Christian Adoption Services immediately! The deadline is just one day away!

It won't be easy but I can promise you one thing . . . it WILL be worth it!

                                                 The first meeting between me and our newest son, adopted at age 15

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  1. I would host Sonny in a minute if we were not already matched. In minute. If you don't find a family for him out your way, I'll see if we can get him into the Indiana hosting program; our deadline is a bit later. They all need families, but this little guy in particular needs to be a big brother!