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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Post in Pictures

At the LAX airport one week ago awaiting the 13 hour flight on Philippine Airlines that would take us to our new home.

The line for check in (16 bags and 12 carry ons) was made much longer when our family stepped in!

Getting all settled in with no idea we are about to be bounced around the sky in some pretty heinous ways (ha ha)

settled in watching movies

a little in-flight PDA

This is the CLEAN side of the plane after the turbulence hit. I have NEVER been on a flight this turbulent and I hope to never again! A man was hurt in the restroom. It was a good  8 hours of rockin and rollin!

FINALLY home . . . sitting on our back porch at the new house. Happy to be on solid ground!

Riding the jeepney with the kids to get a few groceries.

The road in front of our house that goes toward the gate.

The mall! Air Conditioning and coffee!!!!

Our new van (a 12 seater, stick shift, diesel, STAREX)

YEAH .  . even before a sign of the fish, we get the NINERS . . . sigh


  1. OH, Nikki! I'm so happy and excited for your family! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. So excited to learn about your journey! Praying for your family every step of the way! Love, Joanna

  3. Love the pics God bless you all love Ruthie

  4. Wow! The turbulence. Oh my. Did the children stay calm?

    So glad you made it.

    1. My daughter put her hands up like it was a roller coaster and laughed!!! I did hear a curse word project loudly from one of my older prodigy and I could not even discipline him in earnest because I was thinking that very same word . . . ha ha!