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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

We are exactly three days into our venture from our home in North Carolina and onto the mission field in The Philippines and, so far, not one thing has gone the way we planned!

Our plan involved selling all of our vehicles except for our big van before we move.
HIS plan involved selling only our big van and the other cars will be sold for us by trusted friends and family.

Our plan included renting a 12 passenger van or comfortable SUV for a drive across the US before taking off.
HIS plan includes no available vehicles big enough for our family so we are renting two small cars and caravaning to friends
and family along the way.

Our plan involved a smooth trip to the Charlotte airport to pick up said vehicle.
HIS plan involves my sweet husband waiting for hours at the terminal and being passed from person to person (as well as a nice
trip on the concrete and two skinned knees for hubby).

 So we clearly see that we are expected to work on things like
"counting it all joy"
"his ways are not our ways, neither are his thoughts our thoughts"

So we press on,  Confident that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it.

And our slow downs and plan changes are within his watchful eye.  They are no surprise to our Father, who does all things well.

So we trust. We continue. We count our blessings. 


  1. Oh wow! Love your spirit. Hope the family is hanging tough and able to smile. God bless you with more surprises - especially some that actually feel great!

  2. Praying for your family! My friend just moved back to Manila. Where in the Philippines will you be? Alicia in Switzerland